Beyond the Boundaries Workshops

Beyond the Boundaries Workshops (BTBWs) are interactive workshop style activities delivered through planned school visits to the stadium. 

The Project was designed to promote British values so that it could help the Government’s ‘Prevent’ agenda connect with cricket and show how the sport and stadium experience could replicate these values in practical and workshop settings. The main outcome of these workshops are that more young people have greater awareness around intolerance of others and of themselves, appreciate the virtues of British Values and understand better how to apply these in challenging situations.

There are three BTB workshops and one Safe Space workshop: -

Belonging: pupils explore what this really means for them and what belonging really feels like. In addition, pupils explore the link between not belonging and conflict. Images of conflict are explored (e.g. Syria) There is a pledge from participants to take away and commit to in terms of their understanding of belonging. Cricket analogies and practical sessions look at the impact of what happens when young people do not feel they belong and vice versa. Roles models explore what it is like to not feel like they belong, both from an ethnic perspective, and being excluded from school:

Respect: using cricket scenarios such as letting teammates down, how you relate to opposing teams, pupils explore the impact of both the absence of respect and when respect really looks like. Role models offer real scenarios of racial intolerance. The concept of the spirit of cricket is explored to offer positive strategies for young people: 

Justice: using the concept of fair play, the workshop uses cricket law and scenarios both on screen and in the hall to draw out the importance of justice systems and the impact where justice is not present: pupils explore their own examples and look at strategies to cope where injustice appears to be the case:

Safe Spaces: The project aims to deliver through the engagement of community and faith based groups through ‘Safe Space’ open drop-in events. Here workshops set out to help young people challenge intolerance across the spectrum especially when issues such as radicalization are discussed. A Safe Space is a place to be able to ask questions and express thoughts in a non-judgmental setting.

A place of belonging and respect. A place that challenges isolation, intolerance, injustice, and expressions of harm. The idea of  a Safe Space as part of this project was to provide young people participating in the BTB sessions the opportunity to explore further those questions and issues that are at the heart of pressures leading to divisions in society, with particular reference to radicalisation.

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