Glamorgan Members respond with generosity

8 Jul 2020 | Cricket

Last week saw the Club’s membership respond with an incredible display of beneficence, helping to shape the Club's vote on playing red-ball cricket.

Glamorgan’s membership were asked whether they’d like to donate their subscription to the club or receive a refund, with nearly 90% of respondents so far generously donating their 2020 fees to the Club.

The generosity and loyalty shown by the membership led to Glamorgan voting in favour of a red-ball competition in 2020, as a thank you to those who have supported the Club during these difficult times.

We voted to play four-day cricket,” said Chief Executive, Hugh Morris. “We think that it’s the format of the game that our Members wanted to see, and our Members have been incredibly loyal to us over a very difficult period.

“Nearly 90% of our Members [to date, as of 7th July] have donated their subscription for this season, which is a phenomenal effort and they need to be rewarded. I’m sure they’d enjoy watching some Championship cricket, albeit on a live stream.”

Morris had previously confirmed at the 1st Virtual Members Forum that the Club were looking to upgrade the live streaming capability at the stadium, with work ongoing before the start of the season.

For those who choose to donate, they will receive a free Centenary Club membership, a new product for the 2021 season in honour of the Club’s 100th year as a first-class county.

Membership to the Centenary Club can be purchased by anyone and as a token of gratitude to 2020 Members who donate, the Club will automatically provide free Centenary Club membership to these fans.

Members who donate will also receive a 25% discount on Early Bird prices for the 2021 season, as a further ‘thank you’ from Glamorgan for their support during these difficult times.

Any Members who have not yet responded will have either received a follow-up email, or will soon receive one to ensure that they have the chance to choose their preference.

"We have a duty to our Members" - Hugh Morris (Read here)